Friday, September 26, 2014

Motorola T605 install in a 2006 Porsche Cayman S

This is another T605 I did in my personal car.  This time it is in my 2006 Porsche Cayman S with CDR24 head unit and Bose premium sound.  This car has a MOST fiber optic stereo network making it more expensive to get the Bluetooth stereo into the cars factory system.  Because of this I chose the FM modulator route but at least I used a wired in FM modulator which is less bad.  Here are the parts I used.
  1. Audiovox FM100A FM modulator. Cost $41.98 on Amazon.
  2. BT-BKR23M Bluetooth installation wiring harness from Discount Car Stereo. $19.98.
  3. Metra 40 to standard antenna adapter set.  I bought this on eBay for $11.95.  I have found them even cheaper before.  Just search for "Metra 40 Radio Antenna Adapter Cable Kit".
  4. And of course a Motorola T605 Car Kit.  You can get these on eBay, often as low as $25.
This video shows how to remove the head unit:

Item 2 above is an adapter harness that plugs into the head unit to give power, ground, mute, and phone audio in to the T605.  This is handy because it uses the phone capability of the factory CDR24 head unit to support the phone hands free functions.  Even if the radio is OFF when a phone call comes in the radio will turn ON, show "PHONE" on the display, and use the factory speakers for the phone audio.  The adapter harness may require some modification, as it did in my case.  They supplied a green connector but my car has that connector slot already filled. I have to remove the 2 wires from the green connector and insert them into my existing connector.